I Need A Why That’s Bigger Than My But

Well, how is that for a compelling title?

In 146 days I will turn 40 and I don’t want to get to that age and feel tired, run down and unhealthy.

I’ve made some great strides in 2015. I lost 20 lbs. I worked hard for those 20 lbs and I’m proud of them. The holidays were a struggle and getting back on the wagon has been difficult. I’m up a little bit from my lowest weight. It’s not a lot, but it’s enough to remind me that this isn’t the time to take my foot off the gas.

If you’ve learned much about goal setting, you’ve probably heard it said that you need to have a compelling “why” if you’re going to have success in reaching your goals. That’s where the title of this post come from. I really need to remind myself that my “why” for getting healthy is bigger than my excuses. My “why” needs to make my excuses look pathetic.

If I were to break down my “why” if would be this:

*Because I want to have energy to enjoy my life.

*Because I want to set an example for my kids.

*Because I love how I feel when I’m physically active.

*Because I want to look back and be able to tell a great story of how I did hard and crazy things. Things I didn’t even know I could do.

Here are some lessons learned from this week:

The weather took a turn and suddenly Tennessee remembered that it was winter! That triggered my, “stay hunkered down under a blanket and eat junk food” gland. What? You don’t have one? Lucky you. Lesson one: I remembered that I always struggle with my weight in the winter.

I read an article about what people do that have successfully lost weight. Lesson two: I remembered that my most successful weight loss efforts have come when I’m doing it alongside at least one other person.

This brings me back to something I heard Michael Hyatt suggest about achieving goals (and this guy is a genius). He said to not spend a lot of time coming up with a complicated plan for meeting your goals. He said most of the time that’s just procrastination (gulp). He suggests, making a plan to do just one of two action steps today/this week. Accomplish those and then move on to your next baby step. Given enough time, you’ll get to your goal.

My next step for this week is to make a plan for how I can fit in exercise even if the weather is colder than I would like and the day light short. I also need to find some people who want to do this journey with me (I’m looking at you, husband. . . hee hee).

How about you? Do you have a big enough “why”?


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