Fall And My Favorite Things


 I always mourn the passing of summer because we lose the extra hours of sunshine, but there is something so cozy and inviting about fall.

In no particular order, here are some of my favorite things about Fall:


Fall Colors Are Gorgeous

The trees on our street all start to turn red and give one last shout of life before they fall to ground in surrender to the season. I grew up in MN, a state that knows how to do fall, but Tennessee makes a good showing as well. I love to drive on the roads through the countryside to see the sumac and wide open spaces of trees in all different colors.

We Discover Our School Year Rhythm

In August, all the things start up again. School. Tutorial. STEM Scouts. Bible Bowl. Bible Studies. During those first weeks, I start to wonder if all this stuff might kill me, but given time, we get our groove. Now that it’s November, I have made peace with my calendar. I know how much time I need to protect for us to stay sane. I know how long it’s going to take us to get our school work done. And, I’m remembering how fun it is to see all our friends who were gone on various trips in the summer.

The Weather Is Perfect For Playing Outdoors

(except for when it rains for days on end)

The super hot summer days are done! The kids are all riding their bicycles and playing outside instead of sitting inside in the air conditioned house. I love running in the fall. It’s my favorite running season.

IMG_1856 (1)


Fall feels like a new beginning for me. A blank slate is something that inspires me. The changing seasons give us permission to have a “do over”.

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