So You Are Going To Summer Camp In A Few Days


In 3 days you will be going to camp for the very first time!

I’ve asked you if you are excited: “Yes, I am.”

I’ve asked if you are nervous: “No, not really.”

When your older brother was your age, he went to camp for the first time. He had a great time. I didn’t worry much. I forgot to pack pajamas and his goggles. There are worse things to forget (like a change of underwear). He had a fabulous time and came home wearing a pair of shorts I had never seen before,  By the name tag we found on an unfamiliar shirt in Ethan’s bag, we assumed there was a boy named Benjamin walking around with no shorts somewhere in Kentucky.

But for you, I’m a little more nervous. I’m not nervous about your clothes. You’ve got that covered. I’m also sure you’ll brush your teeth and shower.

It’s your big emotions that have me wondering. I have no way of knowing how this will play out in your first time away at camp.

One of the hardest things about being  a parent is knowing when to push your child and when to protect them. The line is razor thin and so many things could go one way or the other.

I’m going to prepare you the best I can and have a huge smile on my face when I send you off (so you can see your mom being brave!).

If it ends up being a difficult challenge, you’re going to find out that you can work to handle your sadness, tiredness and overwhelmed feelings without your mom. That’s a pretty big “win” in my book.

You’ve got this!




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