Bible Reading Plans To Consider For 2015

I renew my resolve to spend more time in the Bible at this time every year. Some times I’m more successful than others. Here are some resources that I’ve been looking at and considering.

I’ve used the SOAP system in the past. I still hope to use that with whatever reading plan I choose.


One of my favorites that has stood the test of time for me: Bible Reading Plan for Slackers and Shirkers. I like it because it doesn’t have assignments based on the date. Rather, it has different parts of the Bible assigned for different days of the weeks. It’s great for getting a big picture of God’s Word.

Straight from the Ransom Fellowship website, this is the schedule:

“Sunday: The books of poetry
Monday: The Pentateuch
Tuesday: O.T. history
Wednesday: O.T. history (There is a lot of it.)
Thursday: O.T. prophets
Friday: N.T. history
Saturday: N.T. epistles”

One I have used in the past, but not recently: She Reads Truth. You can find reading plans and devotionals at that site. There is a Bible reading assignment and a devotional that goes along with it. Extra bonus tidbit: Nathan helped set up the very first version of their website several years ago and the CEO and co-founder lives in the same neighborhood as several of our friends.

YouVersion/ is another excellent resource. You can find any number of plans. After seeing several suggestions online, I’ve decided to pick several of the very shortest books of the Bible and set a goal to read through them in January. As the year progresses, I’ll work my way up to bigger books of the Bible. Or maybe I’ll switch plans altogether. The idea is that I’ll feel more motivation when I see that I can knocked up several books at the beginning of the year.

I read the Gospel of Mark last week. Easy peasy. An entire book of the Bible finished in one week 🙂

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