Dear Mom Who Is Having A Hard Day

Dear Mom Who Is Having a Hard Day,

I saw you in the waiting room at the walk-in clinic as we were both waiting for our children’s turn to be called. Your son was full of questions and energy and you were tired. I want you to know that I saw you and I was not annoyed by your child. I have a child that same age who your child reminds me a lot of. I know you’re exhausted emotionally and physically. I think you are doing a great job.


I saw the picture you posted on social media of your mountains of laundry. I’m listening to the hum of my dryer as I type this. Do you know how often I forget something in the wash and then have to wash it again? So, I just want to say a resounding “me too”.

You have one kid? That’s awesome and hard work.

You have more than one kid? That’s awesome and hard work.

Your child was so polite and held the door for me at the post office. It made me smile and I knew you were a proud mom.

Your child was having a temper tantrum in the grocery store. It made me feel empathy. I wish I could distract your child into a good mood for you and offer you an afternoon away by yourself. I know you are a proud mom who loves and is doing her best to raise her children.

I see you and I admire you and I am for you.

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