Thinking Through School For 2014-2015

Disclaimer: This is just a post where I’m organizing my thoughts for school for next year. Feel free to read over my shoulder.

I’ll be homeschooling 3 kids starting in August. Adding a third kid to the mix has me evaluating how to make it work so that everyone learns and I don’t end up feeling stressed out and frustrated with them every day.

Several things I need to consider:

  • My rising 4th grader is very bright, but HIGHLY distracted. Ideally, he should be able to do many things on his own without my help. Technically he has the ability to do things, but in reality, he has a very hard time staying on task with things that are not interesting to him.
  • My rising 2nd grader needs lots of hands-on short lesson times with lots of repetition. She is not ready to do many things without my help.
  • My youngest will be in Kindergarten. He will need my help with everything

I think I’ll work with the two youngest together. It’s not going to be a problem for Audrey to review all the things that Isaac is learning in kindergarten. It might even be helpful for her math and reading skills.

For our oldest, Ethan, I need to make sure I’m organized enough ahead of time so that he can go through his list of things each day and work through things he can do on his own and move on to the next thing without needing my direction each time. I need to figure out a way to balance things that Ethan loves to do with the things he needs to do because they are important life skills (learning to write well, spelling, grammar). Rewarding him with short amount of play time for every finished assignment has worked well. I’m going to keep doing that.

They seem to all love learning together. It makes sense to do lots of reading on Social Studies, History and classic literature together.

We’re so close to wrapping up this year. Only a couple of weeks left!

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