Five Minute Friday: Write

Today I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker to do her 5 minute Friday writing prompt. Today’s prompt- write.

Setting 5 minute timer. And go.


I’ve always loved words. I love finding the perfect way to put them together. I love they way they look in a new notebook or a new blog post screen. But it’s also scary.

Writing can be done a way that makes you feel so vulnerable, but I’ve found that the positive side of sharing words is that you find out you aren’t alone. Someone else feels the same way that I do. Someone needs to know that they aren’t alone.

So we write and share stories. Funny ones. Serious ones. Confusing ones. Controversial ones. And we discover that the parts of our stories that were difficult are what draws us to others and makes life more interesting.

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4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Write

  1. Friend,

    This is my heart. You have just written my heart. The same fear pumps wild in me every time I sit down to write… but you’re write we’re not alone and our stories all strung together? That’s just sheer beauty right there. Blessings today friend.

  2. I, too, have always loved to write. I’m the generation before sharing them with the world, so I have mine all tucked away on the computer. Right now I’m working on my memoirs and I have to say that writing time is what I look forward to most in the day. I have to make myself get my work done before I sit down and write a chapter.

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