2014 January Reading Report

In January I read some great books.

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Chasing God by Angie Smith

Bringing up Girls by James Dobson

The Go Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann

Some Assembly Required by Ann Lammott

So far, I think my favorite as been The Go Giver. It wasn’t very long, but the story was powerful. Honestly, it was a simple premise and not poetic beautiful phrases, but the lessons I took away were powerful. A salesman is struggling and decides to meet with a “guru” to learn the keys to stratospheric success. I know. It doesn’t sound profound. It sounds like a self-help motivational book. It’s better than that. Trust me!

So, what should I read next? Do you have a book you love or are waiting to read?

3 thoughts on “2014 January Reading Report

  1. I was picking up something for Don at the library and the librarian asked if I wanted a “blind date with a book.” She had a basket of books wrapped up with Valentine’s paper, each with a short synopsis on the outside, but you couldn’t tell what was until you got home and unwrapped it. I was game, so I looked through and found a “mystery by a female author.” Turned out it was great and by an author I hadn’t tried before. I finished it in my free time over the weekend – it was pretty light reading, but a fun plot and characters.

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