Goodbye Marshmallow Mateys. Hello Oatmeal.

My excuse for feeding my children sugary cereal for breakfast was that it was so much easier than making something. Because you know that it takes for-ev-er to fix real food. What? Oatmeal only takes 2 minutes?

Well, I’m sorry kids, but Mommy needs those two minutes to check Facebook and Twitter. People are posting interesting things. Do you know how much I could miss in two minutes?????

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Just kidding. Isn’t it cool that it only takes about 2 minutes to feed your family something healthier than sugary cereal?  1 cup of cooked (quick oats) oatmeal (even with a teaspoon of brown sugar added) has significantly less grams of sugar than Marshmallow Mateys cereal. Serve a piece of fruit on the side and you’ve added a few more nutrients that didn’t have to be added by a factory to “fortify” your food 🙂

It doesn’t require lots of prep time and it doesn’t cost my spleen. It’s not the “perfect” food. If you’re cutting out carbs, it’s not the best option, but that’s not an issue here. Remember I’m going for “better” not “perfect”. My baby step is from sugary cereal to quick oats. Steel cut oats have more nutrients than quick oats, and take a little longer to cook, but you can do all that the night before in a slow cooker if you are worried about your time in the morning. I’m good with the quick oats for now. Another bonus is that if the sugary cereal isn’t in the house, you wont be snacking on it all day (not that I have ever done this, but I’ve heard that some people do).

What little thing are you doing to move toward feeding your family better?

p.s. I posted the winner of the Smart Money Smart Kids book in the comments of that post last night. Thanks for playing!

One thought on “Goodbye Marshmallow Mateys. Hello Oatmeal.

  1. That picture looks so yummy I want to go right in and make some oatmeal right now! I love oatmeal, but I know some people that don’t. So there are other hot cereals that are still way better for the kids than cold cereals and don’t take any longer than quick oats to fix. Like Maltomeal or Cream of Wheat.

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