Selling My Spleen To Feed My Family

Dear Ethan, Audrey and Isaac,

Remember last week when I said our lives were changing? Less Hi-C and more vitamin C?

I jumped on board with a plan to cook more real food. I found and followed a plan from that was about feeding your family healthy food on a food stamps budget. It sounded like a great idea to me.

I took my list and searched for things like coconut oil, organic meats and organic milk and butter. Also, organic vegetables. I don’t know where Wholesomemommy shops, but I was not able to find these things for anything less than the cost of selling my spleen. I have not looked into how useful a spleen is as opposed to the benefit of having organic food. So, I’m a little torn on it.

I baked bread.

I cut up onions and they made me cry.



It was fun. We ate well. You liked it– mostly.

I am going to have to tweak the plan though. Maybe I should go for “good enough” as opposed to “perfect”. So, let’s ditch the idea that everything has to be organic and just aim for “real”. If it has a mother or grows in the ground, it gets a thumbs up. If it comes in a box? Maybe not the best plan.

I like my spleen and I like the idea of a healthy family, so how about a compromise? What if we planted our own garden? Dirt! Outside! Fun! My friend, Heather, is going to be so proud of me. Maybe she’ll even help. Help me, Heather!

4 thoughts on “Selling My Spleen To Feed My Family

  1. You’re right about organic. If you aren’t planning to wash your fruit or vegetables well, then organic is a better idea if you plan to eat the skins. But otherwise, you could pay a lot of money for organic products that are no better for you. But only eating what has a mommy or grows in the ground is a great plan! Keep up the good work. And keep your spleen. I don’t know what it is for either, but if God gave us one, we should probably try to hang on to it, just in case.

  2. I feel your pain. It took me 2 hours at the grocery store yesterday because being mindful about every bite we are eating these days means reading a lot of labels. I have been diligent about eating a fairly clean diet for a long time but I am trying to do even better and girl, it is expensive! My grocery budget is broken into 10 day pieces knowing that I will have to go back for apples (because we eat 12-15 lbs a week) and almond or coconut milk plus usually lots of peppers (which by the way are on sale at Kroger right now for just .68 if you don’t go with organic. I buy organic when the budget permits, cut most dairy, go with absolute minimal processing, and am just doing the best I can for my family with the resources available to me. I am planting a garden this spring so we will have to share tips! I’m cheering for you over here. You are doing great. Just remember non-organic anything out of the ground is better than processed junk any day of the week. Don’t let anyone or anything discourage you from doing the best you can wherever you are!

    It is expensive and it is hard work to make a plan but so worth it when it becomes habit. Keep up the good work mama!

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