Our Family Adventure Day

On Saturday, Nathan and I surprised the kids by telling them we were going on an adventure. Nathan wasn’t completely sure it would be worth it, but I was excited. I’m always up for a little road trip. So, three very excited kids were buckled into the van and we headed south.

There are a few things our family likes to do with our road trips to make them AWESOME:

  • Start with Dunkin Donuts. (nope, it’s not part of the healthy eating plan, but this is special!)
  • Listen to Adventures in Odyssey radio dramas.

Really, those are two of the tops things about road trips for me.

2 1/2 hours later, we arrived in Birmingham, Alabama for Brick Fair.

Here we are standing in line! Ack! So excited!!




Building stuff:




Amazing detail. (click on the photos for larger images)






There were amazing lego creations as far as the eye could see. The pictures don’t really do the event justice. We had a really great time and created lifelong memories for our family.


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