Third Grade Geography: Are You Smarter Than A 3rd Grader


Are you smarter than a third grader? How good are you at third grade geography? Here’s your chance to find out! How about a little third grade New England states geography quiz?

Post your answers in the comments below. I’ll be updating the page with the correct answers later this evening once you’ve all had a chance to chime in. Hint: Nathan’s answer to #5 is incorrect 😉 .

Third Grade Geography Quiz

1. The highest wind speed in the contiguous United States was recorded in what New England state?

2. What do we call the unique weather system that brings high winds, cold and large amount of snow as it moves from the Gulf of Mexico and up the East Coast?

3. What was the first college in the United States?

4. What is the largest New England State?

5. Hartford, Connecticut is the center of what industry?

6. Are the New England States a part of the United States? (disclosure- Ethan got this wrong. I’ve been humbled)

Note: These questions were taken from my son’s third grade History and Geography Lifepac curriculum. For more information about the New England states you can study up here.


1. The highest wind speed was clocked on Mt. Washington which is in New Hampshire

2 Nor’easter


4. Maine

5. Insurance

6. YES!

5 thoughts on “Third Grade Geography: Are You Smarter Than A 3rd Grader

  1. 1. Maine??
    2.Nor’Easter (although I think of that as coming from Canada) Maybe Lake Effect Blizzard
    3. William and Mary (couldn’t think of the exact name until I saw the above answer…but that was the school I was thinking of
    4. Virginia
    5. Insurance…or possibly steel
    6. Certainly, Yes.

    This was done without the help of a book or Google…just my pea sized brain.

  2. Well, I didn’t get a chance before the answers were up, but I did know the last one. And actually I did know the insurance answer and the largest state wasn’t too hard.

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