How to Use Social Media and Not Lose Your Friends

Social media gives us lots of opportunities to practice not being offended:

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. . .when someone has a different political view.

. . .when someone loves a parenting book you hate.

. . .when someone spends their money in a way you wouldn’t.

. . .when your sister comments on how cute your other siblings’ kids are, but doesn’t do the same for yours. (note- I don’t actually have a sister. So, no worries that I’m writing a passive aggressive attempt to send her a message!)

. . .when someone chooses to do something you would never do.

Sometimes, for the sake of sanity, and a good nights’ sleep, we need to choose to not engage. We need to choose to assume the best in others. We need to remind ourselves that we don’t know all the details of someone else’s story.

Don’t you feel better already?

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